Benefits to Small Business Owners and Investors
  • Potential for a solid return on your money
  • Business ownership
  • Ground floor opportunity
  • Businesses ownership in a growth industry – tourism
  • Strong local and national support for industry
  • Strong partner and development background
  • Help U.S. /China cultural relationships, industry and economy
  • Potential for ownership in other AmericaTowne locations

Benefits to China
  • Meet the growing demand by the middle and upper income consumer for leisure, tourism and western style consumer goods, products, and services;
  • Increase jobs in the local community;
  • Allow people to spend their yuan within the local community;
  • Increase the tax base for the local government;
  • Bring more business and commerce to the local community; 
  • Enhance the cooperative relationship between the USA and China;
  • Give the consumer more leisure and tourism opportunities; 
  • Provides development and construction opportunities for the city and surrounding areas;
  • Provide local businesses with partner opportunities to participate in building, owning and operating the businesses and facilities; and
  • Enhance and improve the quality of life the local citizen.

  • Benefits to the USA

    AmericaTowne creates jobs in the U.S. and China benefiting the China and U.S. economies.

    The Centers will create jobs and business opportunities in China and the USA. As a result of the USA based company and Centers, over 1,000 new businesses; 20 hotels; 1,000 villas, 20 theme parks and 20 Senior care and Wellness Centers will be created, employing directly and indirectly 73,000 people in China and the USA. 



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