Hengshui City

Hengshui City is where AmericaTowne is located. The town fashioned after the Chinatown in the United States cities of New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and San Francisco will bring to China the best of the American cultural as found in a typical city in the United States. AmericaTowne will be a "one of a kind project" that will display the American Spirit and foster good will between the United States and China. The innovativeAmericaTowne will bring exceptional attention to Hengshui City. Hengshui City local consumers as well as tourist from throughout China and other country's will make Hengshui City and AmericaTowne a favorite place to visit to see up close a piece of America.

AmericaTowne will be located in Hengshui new Eco-City and Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve which is situated on the vast plains of north China, in the southeast of Hebei province. It is about 250 km from Beijing and Tianjin, an important trading port. Hengshui City consists of one district, two cities and eight counties covering 8815 square km with a population of 4.15 million. AmericaTowne will be situated on 33 plus acres (200 mus) on the rare nature reserve and resort.

Hengshui City has rich agricultural by-products and land resources with an average cultivated land, food, cotton and oil, geothermal energy and mineral water. Hengshui is teeming with cotton, wheat, corn, bean, peanut and sesame. It is also rich in fruits.

Joint- venture in Hengshui is developing rapidly. Especially in the last two years, there's an unprecedented record. The total investment of 978 projects comes to $ 2.01 billion; foreign investment by contracts is $899 million. The City has completed 270 enterprises by using the foreign funds. The actual foreign investment reaches $241 million with over 50 merchants from other countries and regions.

China's Hebei province is investing $14 billion in the next five years into tourism. As part of this investment effort, Hengshui City is spending over $3.5 billion to develop the Hengshui Lake Ecological City. AmericaTowne is being built on 33 plus acres (200 mus) located in a premier location of Hengshui new Eco-City and Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve.

Major portions of the city are being relocated from the North to the South near the National Reserve and the City has committed to spending over $3.5 billion (23.61 billion yuan) to develop the community. The total investment of $3.5 billion is for:

  1. Wetland Restoration and Protection Projects. Investment $470 mil (3.2 billion yuan).
  2. New Houses and Community Development Project. Investment $2.8 billion (18.99 billion yuan).
  3. Utilization of Wetland Resources Development Projects. Investment $209 mil (1.42 billion yuan)