1. AmericaTowne is unique solution to a big challenge.

The demand for leisure and tourism activities in China is greater than the supply. AmericaTowne, created by Hengshui  Yilaimei Tourism Development Center Foreign Invested Partnership (衡水意莱美旅游开发中心) provides people in China with a unique place to go like no other place in the world to spend their tourism and leisure time.

2. The Problem

Restructuring China’s economy

To maintain its growth and to ensure prosperity and social stability China’s government has made a strategic decision to restructure China’s economy rapidly moving from a manufacturing to a consumer based economy. In this new economy, delivering consumer products and services and leisure and tourism are critical. 

China’s economy is growing at an unprecedented rate; when you multiply this rate by China’s 1.2 billion people you have tremendous growth and change. China’s 10.3 percent growth last year displaced Japan as the world's second largest economy.

Fueled by a growing middle class with an appetite for consumer products, and now, the money to pay for them, dynamic changes are taking place in the import/export industry. For example, China became the top importer of U.S. agriculture goods in 2010, surpassing all other nations for the first time in history.

In the leisure and tourism, last year Chinese people made 1.9 billion trips within China. This year tourism trips are expected to grow by 12 percent to 2.1 billion trips. These trips within China will generate 1.1 trillion Yuan of spending, an increase of 14 per cent from last year's forecasts. Nationally, tourism has been designated as a growth area that must be supported.

In short, instead of an economy based upon manufacturing and exporting products to other countries, China’s focus has now changed to internal domestic consumption. Across the board, China's government is ramping up the demand for its citizens to buy and use consumer products. At the same time emphasizing stability and improving its citizen’s quality of life are cornerstones of China’s long term plan. On the trade front, China has pledged to improve the balance of trade which means importing more and exporting less.

3. The Solution

  • Build AmericaTowne in Hengshui Lake Ecological City, Hebei China to meet the growing demand by citizens for more leisure and tourism opportunities.
  • Meet China’s demand for consumer products and services in the tourism and leisure area by providing any and all products and services to AmericaTowne. These products and services must carry the "made in the USA" tag.

Hengshui Yilaimei Tourism Development Center Foreign Invested Partnership (衡水意莱美旅游开发中headquartered in Hengshui City, China is building AmericaTowne to take advantage of the increased demand for tourism and leisure. The Partnership is providing unique one of kind places for people to go spend their leisure time. Situated on 63 plus acres in Hengshui Lake, Hengshui City, China, a pristine ecological designated National Natural Reserve, AmericaTowne provides tourist with 50 unique businesses, a 4 star hotel, a children's theme park, and 48 villas all fashioned after the American way, business, and life style. Actual businesses, hotels, theme park, and villas found in the USA can be found in AmericaTowne. In short,AmericaTowne brings a slice of America to China.

AmericaTowne fashioned after Chinatown in the United States cities of New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and San Francisco will bring to China the best of the American cultural as found in a typical city in the United States. AmericaTowne is a "one of a kind project" that will display the American Spirit and foster mutual respect and mutual benefit between the United States and China. The innovative AmericaTowne brings exceptional attention to Hengshui City. Hengshui City local consumers as well as tourist from throughout China and other country's will make Hengshui City and AmericaTowne a favorite place to visit to see up close a piece of America.

AmericaTowne in Hengshui City meets the challenge of helping China reduce its tourist deficit by attracting more inbound tourist and keeping more Chinese citizens at home to enjoy a slice of America. Further, by exporting goods and services from the USA, including businesses, and products and services for a hotel, and villas supports and strengthens the US economy and helps employment.

AmericaTowne supports the National, Province, and City level initiative for tourism directly helping to improve the daily living experience of Chinese people. AmericaTowne can be replicated in a number of Chinese cities.

Yilaimei USA, LLC is a subsidiary of Yilaimei Tourism Foreign Invested Partnership. Yilaimei USA, LLCregistered in Virginia, USA (formerly Yazzy's Fine Art Corporation registered in Delaware, in existence since 2005 operating in North Carolina and Virginia engaged in import and export of wine and fine art) is the exclusive exporting agent for AmericaTowne. Yilaimei USA, LLC mission is to help meet China’s demand for consumer products and services in the tourism and leisure area by providing any and all products and services to AmericaTowne. These products and services must carry the "made in the USA" tag.

Additionally, we are in negotiations to develop similar business opportunities called "AmericaStreet" that will lead to USA export opportunities with Xiangyan City, and Handan City China.

To further develop its export business, the Corporation is participating in the USA Department of Agriculture and the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) trade shows and fairs throughout Asia. SUSTA is a non-profit agricultural export trade development association comprised of the Departments of Agriculture of the 15 southern states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.