5. Our Competitive Advantage

We have an exclusive agreement to develop AmericaTowne for the next 40 years.

Our competitive advantage is that there is no other place in China or the world that displays theAmericaTowneä and the "AmericaStreet" concept. In addition, Hengshui Lake Ecological center is one of the very few Natural Nature Reserves in China. While other cities in China may have the typical Kentucky Fried Chicken, or McDonald’s franchises, no-where can there be found in China a complete community of 50 businesses, a hotel, and villas all designed, styled after and depicts the American way and spirit. Businesses, hotels, and villas as they are found in the USA are found in AmericaTowneä  allowing tourists throughout China and elsewhere to experience the finest in American culture, life style and business.

6. The Model

The AmericaTowne business model for generating revenue is unique. Additionally, the model is leverage able and scalable. Revenues will be generated from the sale or lease and operations of the businesses; the operations of the hotel and villas; and from the operations and management of the properties that carry a 40 year plus life cycle. Within three years we expect overall revenues to reach $50 mil USD. By 2019, we expect to have a number of AmericaTownes across China with an investment sum of $1.2 billion, generating thousands of jobs, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue.

Additionally, within AmericaTowne, we anticipate that 5 to 8 of these businesses will be what we called break out businesses.

We anticipate that in at least 5 to 8 cases the demand by the consumer for the product, service or idea will exceed the supply. This product, service or idea will move beyond the AmericaTowne concept and will catch on, be accepted and demanded by the general consumer in China.

Initially, this product, service or idea will be a part of AmericaTowne and will be developed into a breakout growth business of its own outside of AmericaTowne. China’ s Foreign Wine Market has been identified as a tremendous growth area and with possible breakout potential. Because of this breakout business potential, action is already underway to implement the AmericaTowne Foreign Wine Market Business which is a subset of the overall AmericaTowne business plan.