The Company's aim is to increase US export and employment by providing upper and middle-income consumers in China with "Made In The USA" goods and services allowing customers to experience the United States' culture and lifestyle. In achieving this objective, our focus is on four initiatives: 

 (1)    The development of a United States International Trade Center in Meishan Ningbo China with employees and/or independent contractors focusing on advancing our initial business objective, which is to be the "go-to" place for all things "Made In The USA."
(2)    The development of upwards of 20 AmericaTowne communities in China with each community consisting of upwards of 50 United States based companies, and upscale hotels, villas, children theme parks, senior care and educational facilities - all based upon United States culture and lifestyle.
(3)    The development of an internet platform in Chinese to complement (1) and (2), above, focusing on importing "Made In The USA" goods and services to China through internet sales.
(4)    The development of franchise operations in the United States and internationally to support and advance the above-referenced initiatives.

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