Best Use

Equity Funding is best used when:

    •    Cash is required to help support growth and the funds required are not based upon a need to fund equipment, goods or services, or the development of major facilities.
    •    Limited cash and or bank guarantees exists
    •    Debt would severely hinder growth
    •    Limited ability to payback loan funds.
    •    Adequate accounting procedures in place
    •    Strong business growth and or business plan showing growth
    •    Ability to meet audit standards.
    •    Financial records in place


 our goal is to work with growing innovative businesses that are successful and require additional capital to build, develop and grow. Once we find these companies, we work with their local bank and our funders to provide short-term support. Afterward, we work with our equity funders providing the company with long-term equity capital. We avoid saddling the company with long-term debt that stifles growth and creativity. We focus on the US stock market providing equity capital helping the business innovate and grow.

Our goal is to work with growing innovative companies across a number of industries and sectors to provide creative and dynamic solutions to help businesses receive the equity capital they require to grow.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy securities issued by the Corporation. Offers are made only by disclosure statement and other offering materials.