AmericaTowne® Locations

AmericaTowne® will be located in twenty areas across China. AmericaTowne® fashioned after the Chinatown in the United States cities of New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and San Francisco will bring to China the best of the American cultural as found in a typical city in the United States. AmericaTowne will be a "one of a kind project" that will display the American Spirit and foster good will between the United States and China.

The innovative AmericaTowne® will bring exceptional attention to the twenty communities, the USA, and China. Local consumers as well as tourist from throughout China and other country's will make AmericaTowne® a favorite place to visit to see up close a piece of America.

Nanning China

Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in the southeast of China, facing South-east Asia and contiguous to Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao. It is not only a hub city for the thoroughfare to the sea and a regional core city in the frontline of heading for the ASEAN countries, but also a new area with fast economic development and a hot spot for foreign investment. The Zhou Brothers International Art Valley will add to the area by investing over $250 million dollars to build a world class cultural, arts, leisure and sports tourism complex consisting of over 3,000 mu.

Known as the “Green City of China” for its beautiful landscapes and the green coverage, the International Art Valley brings additional life and prestige to the natural wonders of Nanning and its surrounding areas.

Nineteen other Locations

In addition to Nanning, AmericaTowne® and AmericaStreet™ will be replicated in a number of Chinese cities. Along with Nanning and four other cities, we expect to include the five cities (Beijing; Chengdu; Qinhuangdao;  Zhoushan, and Zhangjiajie) that have been designated as pilot cities to boost tourism across China plus fifteen more cities. 



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