Our USA Based Company
Headquarters and operations

Our USA based operations is responsible for supplying exports to the Centers under a 50-year service contract. The Centers will create 1,000 new businesses; 20 hotels; 1,000 villas and 20 theme parks, and 20 Senior care and Health Facilities employing directly and indirectly 73,000 people in China and the USA. It is expected that the Centers will generate over $3 Billion in labor income and have a direct total economic benefit of near $10 billion. 

Our USA based headquarters and operations initially staffed with senior managers and additional staff are responsible for supplying “USA made” exports to the Centers under a 50-year service contract. We expect to have 20 Centers across the USA. It is estimated that each Center provides an economic base in the USA for over 1,825 jobs. USA based operations includes the responsibility for export contracts acquiring new equipment and technology procurement, design and construction engineering, management, marketing, sales, technical services, franchise operations, small business procurement services, and goods and commodities procurement services.


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