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AmericaTowne consists of 50 businesses that range from your favorite Bar-B-Q, your outstanding boutiques, and a children’s resort and play area designed to keep children and parents coming back for more and more fun.

  • AmericaTowne show a broad cross section of America
  • From New York to LA (East to West)
  • From North Dakota to New Orleans (North to South)
  • From soul food to tacos
  • From Philadelphia’s cheese stake to Mississippi’s apple pie
  • From New England’s clam chowder to New Orleans’ gumbo
  • From Texas’ steak to Chicago’s flat pan pizza
  • Merchants and shops in AmericaTowne display the best of typical America.


Businesses, hotels, and amusement park area as they are found in the USA are found in AmericaTowne allowing tourists throughout China and elsewhere to experience the finest in American culture, life style and business.

50 VIllAS

Based on the American style and way of life.

senior care and wellness centers

The USA styled Senior Care and Wellness Centers typically found in the USA.

The purpose is to actually have businesses, hotels, homes and villas, amusement parks, and Senior Care and Wellness Centers like those typically found in the USA. The goods and services all will come from the USA. The purpose is to bring a sample of the USA style and way of life to China. The design incorporates the natural features of the lake. The land area includes water on two sides. The building and all structures are designed to be energy efficient and use clean energy.

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