Our unique USA Green Card Program for qualified individuals lets you own businesses in the USA and China, and you and family members receive permanent residency status (Green card) in the USA.

Own a business in the USA, and receive permanent residency in the USA. At the same time, own a business in a thriving growth industry in the USA and China.

" According to the USA Immigration Service -  In 2012 - 6,511 EB5 VISAs were given - 5,683 came from China (87%).

Our program is strong and unique because people invest in both USA and China and our program complies with USA law. 

We do not work with a Regional Center. We work alone, with a top immigration lawyer who has a tremendous success rate in getting Chinese and other Citizens USA immigration VISAs.

We do not promise investors the moon or what we can not deliver. We tell you the truth about our investment program and the potential rewards and the risk involved."


· for investor and U.S.

The local businesses get a source of investment funds from foreign investors. The foreign investors can obtain a green card for himself and his family.

The U.S. government gets investment to help reduce U.S. unemployment. Who can participate?

People from all walks of life wishing to live, work or retire anywhere in the U.S. that can invest $500,000 for at least five years.