The Program

Our Equity Funding Program is straight forward. We insert equity funding into a growing company. The funds inserted are not a loan, and the funds do not have to be paid back. The funds inserted is equity capital that is used to help grow your company.

Funds inserted are raised from the US Capital markets. We are not re-inventing anything with our Equity Funding Program. The US Capital (stock) market has been around for over 200 plus years. What we are doing is tapping into this market to help growing companies access this capital. In fact, if we look at Africa, very few companies only a handful tap into the US Capital markets.


We use our Equity Capital Program by either establishing a separate US based public reporting company, or we use one of our existing public reporting companies to help raise required funds in the US Capital markets. 

If we establish a separate public and reporting company, depending upon the amount of funds, your company typically will own up to 45% of the US public reporting company established.

We raise funds to insert equity capital by selling the stock of the company that we create in the US Capital markets, or we will sell shares directly to hedge funds interested in buying the Company's stock.  If we decide not to establish a separate company, we will raise the required funds through one of our public reporting companies.

Shares in AmericaTowne

As a special note: We provide the participating company coverage for their investment by providing you the equivalent amount of stock in AmericaTowne, Inc.

The Cost of the program is as follows:

  • Funds Required - $5 MIL USD;  Cost:  $1M USD entry, and 20 to 25% of your company
  • Funds Required - $10 MIL USD;  Cost:  $2M USD entry, and 20 to 25% of your company
  • Funds Required - $20 MIL USD;  Cost:  $5M USD entry, and 20 to 25% of your company
  • At a later time, you have the ability to secure additional funding.

Equity Funding is best used when:

  • Cash is required to help support growth and the funds required are not based upon a need to fund equipment, goods or services, or the development of major facilities.
  • Limited cash and or bank guarantees exists
  • Debt would severely hinder growth
  • Limited ability to payback loan funds.
  • Adequate accounting procedures in place
  • Strong business growth and or business plan showing growth
  • Ability to meet audit standards.
  • Financial records in place

“Disclaimer: This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy securities issued by the Company. Offers are made only by disclosure statement and other offering materials.”