The Program

AmericaTowne Inc. Growth Capital Equity Investment Program

We provide growth equity capital to promising companies. Our goal is to work with growing innovative companies across a number of industries and sectors to provide creative and dynamic solutions to help businesses receive the equity capital they require to grow.

We have one goal in mind - to provide access to equity capital in the most efficient manner at the lowest possible rate.

We do this by accessing the United States Capital Stock Market.


  • Equity Capital is a funding program and investment in growth companies.
  • The insertion of capital ranges from $1 mil up to $100 mil USD.
  • The equity is just that equity. Because there is an investment in the long-term growth of the company, the funds do not have to be paid back and or returned.
  • The program is designed to help companies have access to capital and grow.
  • The program consists of the AmericaTowne staff with extensive experience in developing and operating the US private and public companies.
  • Participating Companies become part of a United States public company that reports to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • All matters are transparent, and each transaction is fully reported and available on the United States Government website at

Our Team

  • A battle-tested leadership who has been through the rigorous and complicated process of taking a company public.  Our leadership and CEO is the head of several US public companies.
  • On our team is a seasoned, experienced and highly competent and effective SEC attorney with over 16 years of experience and a superb supporting staff. Along with a POCB licensed Auditor and Certified Public Accountants, are a seasoned and experienced SEC EDGAR reporting team which allows our public companies to remain current and in compliance with all regulations and laws.
The participating companies become a part of a public US company with a stock symbol.

Companies have access to capital in the US public market, as well as private funds in the market in China.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy securities issued by the Corporation. Offers are made only by disclosure statement and other offering materials.