Program Details

Our program is easy, simple, and fast. To get started, we ask the potential company to answer six questions. We keep things simple. We request the company provide no more than one complete sentence to answer each question.

The Six Questions are:

  1. What is the Project or business?
  2. What is the problem or challenge, we can help solve or meet?
  3. How much money is required to fix the problem or meet the challenge?
  4. How much money has the principal invested? (Must show proof)
  5. Are there other resources and or contributions by the principles? If so what are they? (Must show proof)
  6. Does the project or opportunity have a bank guarantee, loan or other bank or financial or government support connected to the project or opportunity? (Must show proof)
If you can answer each of these Six questions, then the project or opportunity is ready to be submitted for support and funding. If you do not have the answers - then it is not ready - and more work is required.

If the potential company successfully answers the six questions, we move on to the invitation phase.

Invitation Phase

  • Here we invite the potential growth capital business that we believe may be a good fit to provide us with additional information such as their Company's business background and or plan of action,  and personal and business identification, such as passport, and business licenses and or certificate of registration.
  • After we complete the review, we will determine if we can provide long-term growth capital (equity capital) to help the company meet its goals. If successful, we design and present an offer to the prospective business. The offer outlines how much growth equity capital we will provide, the terms of the equity inserted, whether a separate or combined public company will be developed, the timing of things, as well as the requirements for the business as well as any bankers that they may have that will support their effort.
  • If agreeable, the company enters into our funding and growth capital program by paying a modest refundable entry fee and signing a formal and transparent agreement. All agreements are a matter of public record posted at

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy securities issued by the Corporation. Offers are made only by disclosure statement and other offering materials.